Climate Tech Checklist

Over the last 18 months developing our clean natural gas technology, we’ve developed some heuristics to help us assess our progress and the general capability of any system or set of systems that can address the climate crisis. We’re happy to evolve this list as we gain knowledge so if you think we’ve missed something let us know! There are six key characteristics we believe a climate play must have to have a chance of making a positive difference. Does it crush drilling and coal mining? CO2 by itself has no moral valence, indeed its emission correlates well with human … Continue reading Climate Tech Checklist

Terraform Industries Whitepaper 2.0

Fuel from the sky: Cheap hydrocarbons from CO2 direct air capture and sunlight.  At Terraform Industries, we believe our species and civilization should survive climate change. We believe in a future of universal wealth and abundance for all of humanity.  The last seven decades have seen great strides in the human condition but at the cost of rising CO2 levels and changing climate. Oil is finite and ice caps are melting. It is time to wean our civilization from its dependence on fossil carbon by unlocking gigascale atmospheric hydrocarbon synthesis. Terraform Industries is building the machines to mine the … Continue reading Terraform Industries Whitepaper 2.0

So you want to build a carbon capture company

Casey Handmer May 3 2021 (original post) Would you like to win one hundred million bucks from Elon Musk? Carbon capture (CC) is all the rage these days, with dozens of companies springing up to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and help stabilize the climate. I am not an expert on carbon capture but I do get asked about it from time to time. As a public service, therefore, I am offering the following rubric as a means to organize our thoughts, refine our strategy, and champion quantitative rigor when it comes to developing and evaluating a wide variety of … Continue reading So you want to build a carbon capture company

We’re going to need a lot of solar panels

Casey Handmer 22 July 2022 (original post) The team at Terraform Industries is now 11 people working towards a near term future where atmospheric CO2, much of it centuries of unpriced industrial waste, becomes the preferred default source of industrial carbon. Our family of technologies will displace drilling and mining as sources of carbon and, in the process, stop the net flux of carbon from the crust into the atmosphere and oceans that is causing anthropogenic climate change. Our process works by using solar power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, concentrating CO2 from the atmosphere, then combining CO2 … Continue reading We’re going to need a lot of solar panels

Terraform Industries Whitepaper

Casey Handmer Feb 2 2022 (original post) Cheaper hydrocarbons from CO2 direct air capture and sunlight. Executive Summary Terraform Industries is a bet on cheap solar, synthetic hydrocarbon supremacy, and hyperscale. The overarching goal is to zero out the net transport of carbon from the crust to the atmosphere and oceans as quickly as possible by displacing drilled natural gas production with direct atmospheric processing.  As solar power gets cheaper and oil becomes more scarce, at some point this decade it will be cheaper to extract carbon from the air than to drill mile-deep holes in the crust on … Continue reading Terraform Industries Whitepaper

Scaling Carbon Capture

Casey Handmer Nov 1 2021 (original post) This blog is a follow up to So You Want To Start A Carbon Capture Company. In the last five months, the cadence of new entrants in this space, as well as new climate-focused funds, has only increased. This is a marked, though welcome, contrast to the now familiar dithering and lack of unified action at the international political level. Our entire civilization rests on our ability to harness ancient solar energy stored underground as reduced (i.e. not oxidized) carbon and capture the heat unleashed when we bring it into chemical equilibrium with … Continue reading Scaling Carbon Capture